Interested in hearing WE R DJ’S in the mix? Then check out our sample mixes below!

Quick Mix – Top 40 & 80’s remixes

A quick mix for you to judge, this mix really encompasses what WE R DJS are all about. Getting a dancefloor rocking and keeping it that way till the very last song.

Open Format Mixing

Open format mixing is a style used by WE R DJS to enhance mixing across several different genres and to keep a fresh new flow on the classics. This is used most often by WE R DJS for large corporate events, weddings and any other audience where their is a large age range. Every three songs or so the vibe changes keeping the dancefloor full and the audience engaged and excited Read More..

Keeping it Current

Top 40 Dance is so strong in todays society and the EDM generation is alive and kicking with a vengeance, that said we’d be remiss if we didn’t make a mix of today’s hottest tunes for you to listen to! This is where we take the party to a whole new level.

The evolution of RnB & HipHop

RnB/Hip Hop has evolved in many ways in the last 40 years, from the sweet ol sounds of Motown in the 70’s to Funk, Rap and many other sub-genres. Here we take a look at some of the newest RnB killing it right now as well as dancefloor classics that still command a full dancefloor.