Monograms & Uplighting – A little bit of class goes a long way..

[columns][column width=”1/2″]The most exciting times you have had are associated with light! A fireworks display on New Years Eve. A starry night. A concert. What do all of these have in common, lighting! At WE R DJ’S we think every party should have the same. There are literally thousands of lighting combinations available for your event. How can you choose? We understand that you don’t want to limit your choice and that you want to also keep it affordable.

With most lighting packages going for over a thousand dollars, WE R DJ’S can help you save a bundle! First and foremost, typical fluorescent downlights are NOT what you want your guests to remember! All WE R DJ’S packages include state of the art dance floor lighting so you know it’s going to look fantastic once the lights go down. But if you are looking for something to spruce up the room at an affordable cost and make your guests gasp as they walk through the front door then WE R DJ’S can certainly help!

The there are three main types of lighting used for events where organizers want to get a little more bang for their buck:

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  • Monograms
  • Uplighting
  • Spotlights


Monograms project your name or company logo or a phrase.

These lights are perfect for practically any type of event but most popular with Weddings, Corporate Functions & Birthday Parties. You can have it say anything you wish by having a custom image created by us or use some of our standard slides that say “congratulations” or something similar. WE R DJ’S have created hundreds of Monograms for very satisfied business clients including Hilton, Jim Beam, Griffith University, Melbas & Shooters Nightclubs just to name a few! We love using these as they put a personal touch on your event and are very affordable!  WE R DJ’S pricing for monogram design and hire starts at a mere $120.00!

The most obvious choice when wanting to spruce up any venue is Uplighting.

Uplighting adds drama and elegance by selectively lighting up sections of the walls making them shine in the color of your choice. They can shine an almost limitless number of colors and are perfect for creating ambiance and style. Whether it’s in a banquet hall, a ballroom or a marquee Uplighting will do the trick. WE R DJ’S offers customized uplighting packages starting from as little as $140.00! If your looking for the Wow factor this is by far the best option!

Spot lights make up the final selection.

These are great for Weddings, Corporate Events and any event where there is a need to focus in on the action!  They can highlight events like bridal dances, cake cutting, MC duties, general speeches, dance competitions, fashion shows of course they require an operator but they really highlight the action of a wedding reception!

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2014 Wedding Monogram Designs

Shown below are some of our latest and greatest monogram designs,
From elegant and simple to fantastically themed monograms we have options to suit every bride and groom!