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Creating the WOW factor!

Botanical Cafe - Brisbane

Botanical Cafe – Brisbane

Lighting is a key element in parties and it always has been! Even when camped round fires did ancient man use a little light to liven up the mood! Lighting has come along way since the open flame and now you have several different lighting options when you are organising your event! Mood lighting or “Up lighting” as it is now known is one of the most popular options to bring a party to life! It creates a ambiance and atmosphere by bathing the walls of your room in the color of your choice! Read more..




New Monogram Designs!


Monograms can certainly add a very romantic touch to your wedding day. We’ve just released our new and very special designs for 2014. Are you are looking for lighting options that will create a perfect atmosphere as people walk through the door to your reception? Click Here to find out more!

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