Wedding Song Selections


Wedding Song Selections – Music makes it all possible

Making sure you have the right music for your big day can be a bit of a challenge. WE R DJ’S always review their music lists monthly for weddings so they can provide you with the best music choices for your big day. We have an active music library that is second to none and with over 40,000 songs we can cater to all tastes. Your music choices will go along way towards making sure that your guests and you get the most out of your day! There are several different ways you can choose your music. We can send you our preset music list with the top 1,000 choices or you can provide us with names of genres, styles or artists you like and we’ll build it up for you. Really when it comes down to it, it’s Your Day and you deserve to get the music you want. In your sit down interview with us we’ll assess your musical tastes and start building your list from day one.

Ceremony Music – Set the mood

Most ceremonies contain three types of songs: Prelude, Ceremony Music, Recessional

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Prelude Music is usually light, ambient music that sets the mood while guests are being seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin.It usually begins when the doors open, or as early as 45 minutes prior to but no later than 20 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony. This can play an important part in setting the mood for the rest of the day. Some Brides prefer classical music as this really tends to give a fairytale feel to the start of the day however if you feel that classical is not your style then don’t use it! Some other choices usually include Bluegrass, Jazz and Ballads. Make it the way you want it!

Next is the Ceremony Music, The songs you choose for this are the songs people are most likely to remember when thinking about your wedding. Usually these are the songs which accompany the entry of both the bridal party and the blushing bride. The same song can be used for both, but we love the idea of changing to another song when the bride enters to add drama and highlight her entrance. Many couples choose to add interludes or songs played during significant moments such as the Unity Candle Lighting, Sand Ceremonies and of course the Registry Signing.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Recessional Music plays. As the name implies, this music accompanies you as you recess (that is, make your exit) and is traditionally bright and lively — a reflection of your joy. Popular genre choices include Jazz, Swing, BlueGrass, Motown & Funk.

If you are in need of a professional sound system inclusive of wireless microphones for your ceremony feel free to give us a call on (07) 5530 7259 or contact us via our Contact Page



*Please note to play the below songs you are required to have installed Spotify Player – Spotify is a digital music service that gives you immediate access to millions of songs. Click the link above to download and start streaming free today!


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Top Prelude Songs

[spotify uri=”spotify:trackset:Top Prelude Songs:1F5ojknsdYHYMA7lDMarlo,78OGRRDepogg627XCOQ265,0YeKksCYLBqAcTKc6zSsFT,3ZanucVESbJHuUtJD4iAIF,2aIvSR8jMyw57ZMJq7WNNM,5TotpC0XdRmrWzudGewwzf,1A4WjuUXeFEVXjwgc7eVZ6,1EzrEOXmMH3G43AXT1y7pA,6wjrQAhYkgn54EP3hGhubu,1IMNku9BIBmhYsURchfiV4,6lFFXSgBqBhFlnFU4njpM2,2PoPsH3bcvmdhWqPeWBXCZ,7IQpjuLGzQZr2kSz8QiJTe,4fI59DuePhgbXKkNm3zu3f,0tadYFDL9oH6hEr7wWzw5n,3MPdKdhTDnGxt0xBAqbJnR”]


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Top Ceremony Songs

[spotify uri=”spotify:trackset:Top Ceremony Songs:6z5Yh7kOKeLjqIsNdokIpU,3xaAOPiekLBg6VGkMgAzTS,1hXIdXjAI4nWz4qnJ28iO2,59FbAYxuh6WszQpLcUnTA0,6milzv0Jstsj4WPSvuCAA0,6ZbeoJ5NW0hhmSjjyfsX00,7E3rc13GL2I5wA6CIFXaxs,22PMfvdz35fFKYnJyMn077,3RxE3PASwabEJSolUs1hh0,7k68hiV2SWqbNNZYhSNgMR,6nek1Nin9q48AVZcWs9e9D,68PcZLGCKpjUU0FLujd3pl,3bINd6fURyFLT0sQwkjbCG,6N2ubJm1gYuCiohsu1Inxq,3QUQhiADLGdEWnoXKPCKaE”]

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Top Recessional Songs

[spotify uri=”spotify:trackset:Top Recessional Songs:69vz0eR8Y5BturogJlYCmY,2MKFeMPAUZOc7rlVqt0JQE,4hHbeIIKO5Y5uLyIEbY9Gn,2WpCr1ls4bjL54NAcN5DAA,30ONDmshM7H4Cgf3RzK89Z,1JO1xLtVc8mWhIoE3YaCL0,0DVzogAcFqvyQbfiqwZjgB,4ZrbWwFHHjPoe7cfUBJ9WQ,2xar08Fq5xra2KKZs5Bw9j,3c0VB4zRHksX7aUSJ5IXyG,5JlgPUokptCBvRrG9uUeva,1T3VbcKDbO99Dgtx9NJ127,2lKh2KK7M0IX81wDL0FNwO,7n1sAeis4HONDsNnnqmtaU,2DYtBXueUkZyUZAHKJAAIs,3qhwIbvXYRa4rGtZ7BjSyM”]



Reception Music

After the official ceremony it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate!

Your wedding reception usually contains about 75% of your entertainment for the day. From your bridal Entrance right through to the last song our wedding specialists are absolutely passionate about getting this perfect for you and will spend a lot of time carefully preparing this well in advance. Whether you’re having a cocktail reception or are having a formal dinner we can bring it together nicely. We will select top quality music and play requests on the fly and use our extensive experience to bring your party to life like you never thought possible!

We have a long loving relationship with music and know what it takes to make a dancefloor shake and we are most happy when your dancefloor is bursting at the seams! But don’t take our word for it, check out our Testimonials page and see what our past clients have had to say about our services.

Below are some short mixes from past weddings for you to peruse. If you are looking for something different just ask us! We love a challenge and are always excited to try new and interesting things! If you’d like to know more about our music programming and what we can do to make your reception even more special than it already is feel free to give us a call on (07) 5530 7259 or contact us via our Contact Page



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